Pysanky Class (Ukrainian Easter Eggs)  Preparation and Setup
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1 Comfortable Chair
Lets face it, you are going to be sitting at this position for hours and hours, days, months, etc.
Most people use their kitchen table, but its important to have a chair with good back support. Adjustable height office chairs can make the experience more enjoyable. 
2 Workspace Tissue paper
Its very important to keep your egg clean, therefore the area under your egg must stay clean.  I use several layers of  Scotts finest toilet paper. It doesn't seem to have much lint as you would experience with paper towels. Don't be afraid to frequently change it, if it gets dirty. 
3 Table
We started out on the kitchen table, but eventually moved to a 5 ft x 2-1/2 ft  folding table purchased from a local office supply store for about $40.  Its sturdy and its nice to not have to unpack and pack up materials every time you want to work on it. If you have the space, I would reccomend a dedicated area for doing Pysanky.
4 Workpad
Under the tissue paper , we placed an old terry cloth hand towel. It keeps your egg from rolling off  the table and it also protects your egg if  it happens to pop suddenly out of your hand. 
5 Candle
We use a candle to heat our kistky. Yes, we know  there are electric soldering irons converted to do the job of a kistka, but its not the same. For ages,  the Ukrainian peoples have used candles to heat their kistky. With the flicker of the candle flame and the smell of beeswax,  I think of it as a special way to make a connection to your ancestors.  As always, be careful with an open flame, especially around children. Never leave a candle burning unattended or alone with children. Its best to use a good sturdy candle holder, one that accommodates standard size tapers. I buy all of my candles at dollar stores.
6 Dyes
Information about the type of dyes used can be found by CLICKING HERE. Make sure you prepare your dyes the day before. They need time to cool. Make sure to label the jars and the lids. I cover the labels with wide transparent tape to keep them readable if they get splashed with dye. Also include a single jar of pure white vinegar, used to clean the egg before the first dye. 
7 Wax and Wax Bowl
Find a small bowl to keep your wax in. Look around in your kitchen, most people never use these bowls for much of anything. If you can't find one, use your kistka ashtray.  Break your wax into little pellets. This makes it easier to load the kistka and prevents drips on the side. 
8 Kistky
These are tools used to apply the wax on the egg. Information about the tools can be found by CLICKING HERE.   An ashtray makes a great kistky holder and you can keep track of your cleaning wire inside. 
9 Mechanical Pencil
For more information CLICK HERE.   Most any mechanical pencil works well, although size 0.7 mm seems to work the best.
10 Lighting
If you don't have a good overhead light, I would recommend a desk or draftsman lamp. 
11 Tool Box
Someplace  to keep  all your tools, wax , accessories organized and mobile. You never know if  need to take your tools to a Pysanky party. 
12,13 Spoon Wash
Preventing cross contamination is the best way to keep your dyes strong. We keep 2 plastic tubs of water near the dyes.  As you take your spoon out of the dye, shake as much dye back into the jar. Then swish the spoon in the first wash. This will remove most of the dye. Then set the spoon in the 2nd , more cleaner tub of water.  This method prevents having a spoon for every  jar or  using up miles of paper towels or tissue.  As the first tub becomes dirty, dump it out and switch the second tub to the first, then fill up the 2nd tub with clean water.
14 Slotted Spoons
Stainless steel slotted vegetable serving spoons. 1 or 2 is all you need.
15 Design Book
Keep your design book, photos or sketches on your left if you are right handed, reverse for lefties. It also prevents dripping any wax on your designs. ATU has a  large offering of design books.
16 Fire Starter
CLICK HERE for more information.
17 Egg Holders
Most of the time, you are working on more than one egg at a time. You can be drawing on one egg while there  may be one  in the dyes or another drying. We like to use the circular egg stands.   They are better than using the egg carton because it allows the egg to dry underneath and less contact is made with the egg.
18 Template Set
CLICK HERE for more information.
Put your dyes inside something that will catch any spills or splashes. A small box is good or an old cake pan or plastic tub works well for the job. 
20 Clean Eggs
Click Here to learn about selecting and preparing your eggs. If you are using full eggs, make sure to take them out of the fridge the night  before to allow them to come  room temperature.
21 Toilet Paper
Keep a roll handy to line your workspace, dab your eggs dry and handle your egg. Who knows, you might need to blow your nose too. 
22 Paper Towels
Keep it away from your egg, but good to have around for general wiping up of spills, drying your hands and spoons.
23 Newspaper
Line your table under the dyes and spoon wash. Protects the table and will absorb spills.
24 Trash can
Keep a trash can close., you will need it to toss tissue and paper towels. It keeps your table clear to work efficiently. 
25 Comfy Sweater
Keeps you warm on those late nights finishing up the final touches on your Pysanky.
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