Ukrainian Embroidery 


The task of selling handmade clothing has one inherent difficulty, size. Two countries, 2 different standards of measurements, dozens of  dozens of artists making clothing the way they were taught from their parents and relatives.  Variation is the only standard.  So what we have done is take some key measurements from each individual shirt and post those measurements to you. Below is a diagram to how we take the measurements. You can measure these on yourself or take a shirt that fits you well and measure it , then compare. Always allow for extra room and shrinkage!  However you do it, you can also rely on our 30 day return policy. All of us here and all of those hard working people in Ukraine want you to be completely satisfied, so if you have any questions please write us at .

NECK DIM A Around the inside of the collar. 
For drawstring collars on the women's blouses, this is the side of the opening.
SLEEVE DIM B  Base of the neck or collar to the the end of the sleeve. 
For the blouses with the drawstring opening, we measure from where the tip of shoulder would be to the end of the sleeve.
CHEST, BUST  DIM C  Distance around the shirt measured under the armpits
LENGTH DIM E  Laying the shirt flat, the distance from the collar or opening to the end of the shirt measured on the front