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Pottery and Ceramics

UkrainianHutsul  Ceramic Plate Pottery
Ukrainian Ceramic Hutsul  Pottery Pots
Ukrainian Hutsul Pottery Bowls
Ukrainian Hutsul  Pottery Pitchers
Ukrainian Ceramic Hutsul Pottery Vases
Ukrainian Ceramic Teapot Hutsul Pottery
Original and authentic hand-spun Ukrainian pottery and ceramics. Designs and patterns as they have been produced for hundreds of years in Ukraine.  Currently our offering is only from the Hutsul region of Ukraine with its classic green, brown and yellow designs. We hope to import many other unique styles from other regions of Ukraine.  As we have no control over the materials and glazes used in the process, these items are for decorative purposes only and are not to be used to contain food or consumable liquids.  As always, all  in-stock items are here in NC and ready to ship.

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