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Sapfir Ukrainian Series of Black Lacquer Boxes
Sapfir Lacquer Boxes with Hand Painted Scenes
Sapfir Black Lacquer Floral Boxes  Sapfir Black Lacquer Wood Jewelry
Sapfir Black Lacquer hand painted Wood Pysanky Sapfir Handpainted Black Lacquer Candlesticks Sapfir Tea Candles with Hand Painted Artwork Sapfir Black Lacquer Hand Painted Decorative Plates
Sapfir Christmas Series of BLack Lacquer Wood Crafts Sapfir Black Lacquer Wood Christmas Ornaments Sapfir Handpainted Black Lacquer Wall Clocks Sapfir Hand Painted Decorative Wall Plaques
Sapfir Hand Painted Decorative Wood Spoons Sapfir Handpainted Black Lacquer Wood TryzubRefridgerator Magnets

Handmade Lacquered Wood Crafts from Ukraine

Handcrafted lacquered wood crafts from Sapfir of Kyiv, Ukraine. Extraordinary Ukrainian gifts for all seasons.    
These woodcrafts are lovingly hand painted in Kyiv, Ukraine, by a group of artists at Sapfir.
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