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Born in June 1960. Since childhood she had a great attraction to draw and to master the different types  of art through hard work and study. Taught fine arts at school and in the school of arts for over 30 years.  Now teaches in the design Studio "Dyvosvit“, where children learn different methods and styles of art and Ukrainian folk art.  Her personal creative work includes murals,  body art, Petrykivka painting, Easter eggs, folk dolls, beading, bead embroidery, and oil painting.
Ukrainian Artist Lydia Myakota

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Olena Zintchouk is an accomplished artist with experience in painting, iconography and interior design. She is technically proficient in Petrykivskyi painting, (short Petrykivka). Olena is a member of the Professional Artist’s Union of Ukraine and has a title of Master of National Art of Ukraine. She has participated in over 40 exhibits in Ukraine and international exhibitions in Russia, Poland, France, United Kingdom, Japan, Cyprus, Canada and the United States. She has won many awards and attained many certificates to her credit. Her art works belong to many European galleries as well as to many private collections.

 Olena was born in Petrykivka, Ukraine. Petrykivka is a famous centre of Ukrainian traditional painting, (rozpys).

Ukrainian Artist Olena Zintchouk

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 1989-1993              Individual workshop in Art History, Petrykivka in International Art Context, with Prof. Victor Soloviov,
                               Dnipropetrovsk Art College,  Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

1980-1981              Individual Art classes at Andrij Pikush (Honored Artist of Ukraine) National Arts Board, Kyiv, Ukraine

1974-1978              Master of Fine Arts, Dnipropetrovsk Art College, Ukraine

1970-1974              Diploma, Petrykivka Art School, Ukraine



1989,2005              Collector’s Choice Art Gallery, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

2000                       Ukrainian Museum of Canada, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

1999                       Collector’s Choice Art Gallery, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

1987                       Dnipropetrovsk Provincial Art Gallery, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine



2004                       Collector’s Choice Art Gallery, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

2001,2003              University of Saskatchewan Art Gallery, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

1979-1983              Annual and semiannual provincial group exhibitions, Kyiv, Dniproperovsk,Ukraine

1981-1993              Annual National Group Exhibitions, Earth and People, Anniversary

                               Victory Show, October Show and more

1984                       All-Union Group exhibitions, Festival Show, Youth of the Country,

                               Spring Show, Ethnographic Show, Ukrainian Culture Moscow,

                               Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv, Moscow, St. Peterburgh, Ukraine, Russian

                               Federation, USSR

1983                       International group shows, Art of the People of the USSR, Expo-83,

                               Youth of the Country, UKRACANAMERICA show, Poland,

                               Bulgaria, France, Great Britain, Canada


Yaroslav Adamovych was born in 1962 in a picturesque site near Shevchenko grove, located near the Museum of Folk architecture in Lviv. He spent his childhood there and  here he still lives and works, adsorbing the beauty of his homeland and majesty of the gray headed Leopolis (Lviv in Latin). He is a completely self taught artist, working in various genres of art: graphics, oil painting, design, book illustration, mini art forms. For the previous 20 years, he has preferred to work in reverse glass painting. Glass painting is typical for many countries of the Carpathian region, namely, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Slovakia. In the past, the subjects were mostly of a religious nature.  However, he has been developing his own unique style and technique, combining both graphics and oil paint which allows him to represent complex compositions with clear details on a smaller scale. Currently Yaroslav Adamovych has extended his themes to include vivid traditional Ukrainian folk rituals, amusing scenes of everyday Ukrainian life, floral designs as well as religious themes on his paintings.  The Artist actively works with Art galleries in Lviv and throughout Ukraine, as well as with private collectors of his art. ATU has had a long time relationship with Yaroslav since the very beginnings of our company.
Ukrainian Artist  Yaroslav Adamoych

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