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Stained Glass Master Craftsman Anatolli Balukh from Ukraine
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by Anatolli Balukh

Large Religious Stained Glass Art
Medium Sized Religious Stained Glass Large Contemporary Art Stained Glass Medium Size Contemporary Art Stained Glass
Stained Glass Angels
Large Stained Glass Pysanky Icons
Small Stained Glass Pysanky Sun Catchers
Stained Glass Butterflies
Small Miscellaneous Stained Glass Stained Glass Flowers
Stained Glass Fruit Sun Catchers

These works of art are all designed and made by hand in Ukraine by world renound master craftsman  Anatolij Balukh.  If you see only a  few items available in some of the categories, this is due to the high demand for his art in larger projects in Ukraine and Europe. We have been continually requesting more pieces, but our supply for Anatolli's works has not been replenished for several years, so this may be the only opportunity to purchase a small item from his lifetime of art.  Also, because everything is hand made,  there will  be small variations in the designs but each piece is the same quality , we guarantee your satisfaction. All of Anatoli's stained glass art is done by methods that have been taught for 100's of years in Europe.  Each work of stained glass  contains not only cut pieces of glass but artfully painted panels as well.  Then, the glass is kiln fired for several hours to permanently set the paint into the glass.  The same technique used by craftsman for churches throughout Ukraine.  Each stained glass is an individual work of art and no 2 are exactly the same.

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