Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Eggs)
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Pysanky books from the USA and Ukraine. We are always on the lookout for good books and have already helped one of our artists in Ukraine to publish her own book!

Pysanka by Iryna Vakh

PYSANKY  of Iryna Vakh     HARDCOVER

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ITEM # BKUP20      $27  $18.90  EACH

by Iryna Vakh, 112 color pages, (7 x 8 inch) hardcover, Ukrainian language, summary in English.
A colorful album containing several hundred detailed Pysanky images of Iryna's original designs.  This is a revised edition of her first book "Namalyuyu Holos Pisni"   Some different and additional photos than the first printing. We also offer a large selection of Pysanky,  which may be depicted in the book,
Published and printed in Lviv, Ukraine 2017 
Pysanky of Hanna
              Kociv - Trypillian Motivs Design

PYSANKY of HANNA KOCIV  - Trypillian Motifs    

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ITEM # BKUP019    $24.00   $16.80  EACH

by Hanna Kociv   99 pages, (aprox. 7x7) hard cover

Approximately 82 photographic pages of  Trypillian designs.
with commentary
Ukrainian and English Language
Published and printed in Lviv, Ukraine 2016
Pysanka Podilla
              by Maryna Verkhova

Pysanka Podilla     HARDCOVER

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ITEM # BKUP017      $39.00  $27.30  EACH

by Ukrainian artist Maryna Verkhova.  Edited by Vira Manko
8 x 10.5 inch hardcover  189 pages  Ukrainian Language
History and photographs of Pysanky from the Podilla region of southwestern Ukraine.  High quality, color  Pictured are 135 photographic 8 x 10.5 inch plates containing over 2100 individual Pysanka images from the Podilla region!
Published and printed in Lviv, Ukraine 2013
Handwritten Personalized Message and signature by the editor and Master Pysanky Artist  Vira Manko!
LIMITED SUPPLY of  these personalized copies!
Svit u Pysankakh  (The World in Pysanky)  HARDCOVER

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ITEM #BP04   $32.95   $23.07  EACH

by Taras Horodetskyi, 128 pages , 2009  hard cover (Aprox 7 x 8 inch), Ukrainian language.
Beautiful photo album displaying several hundred color photos of the works of a native Ukrainian Pysanky artist Taras Horodetyki created posthumously as a tribute. The designs are both traditional and very creative,  including several etched white on white designs. An inspirational book for both the beginner and the experienced artist.  Don't miss this chance to grab this book.

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