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Shipping Policy & Information

Shipping and Handling
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Shipping Companies - Domestic (USA) Orders


Insurance & Shipping Problems

*Stolen Merchandise:  Once the shipping company delivers your parcel/merchandise to your address, even if the parcel was left on a porch, patio, etc., the shipping company considers its obligation complete.  Therefore, any stolen parcels or merchandise from your porch, patio, etc. falls under the jurisdiction of your local authorities, and ATU cannot recover or give a refund for such incidents.  If you suspect that your package was stolen or mislaid, (for example, tracking indicates it was delivered, but your package is missing), you will first need to notify your local Postal Service or shipping company to verify delivery.  (It would also be helpful to notify your neighbors, and to speak with your carrier.)  We can also try to help determine if this is the case by filing a complaint with the Postal Service or shipping company from here.  After investigating, if the shipping company determines that the package was indeed stolen, then you will need to file this incident with your local police. 

Shipping - International (Outside USA)

        New Customs rules in 2016 may result in additional charges upon receipt, please visit the Canada Customs website.  under section 2.2.


We take great care to package all items carefully, especially fragile items, and have many years of experience doing this.  Most of our packaging materials are recycled and gently used materials, which helps us save money and be good to Mother Earth in the process.  Lower costs for us means lower handling costs for you, the customer!  (If you know of a small business in your area that handles a lot of shipping, please consider donating these materials to help them too!)