Handcrafted lacquered wood crafts from Sapfir of Kyiv. Extraordinary Ukrainian gifts for all seasons. GO TO CART

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Floral Box Series

Sapfir Round Floral Boxes
Sapfir Oval Floral Lacquer Boxes
Sapfir Heart Shape Black Lacquer Boxes
Black Lacquer Floral Octagonal  Box
Black Lacquer  Large Floral Box

Hand painted floral patterns on handcrafted wood boxes by Sapfir of Kyiv Ukraine. A fine Ukrainian gift at a fine price  
 These pieces are lovingly  handmade in Eastern Ukraine, by a group of artist at Sapfir.  Each  is very unique, hand made with all Ukrainian Heart. No 2 are exactly the same! Exquisite Birch and pressed wood boxes covered with hand painted  artwork in the Kyivskaya floral design.  Great for jewelry boxes, ring boxes, business cards or collecting. Most all are signed by the artists. You will be amazed by the quality of the workmanship.
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