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Biography of Iryna

Lviv Pysanky Artist

For Iryna, pysanky isn't simply an art form; it's a passion. Born in 1959, Iryna was raised in an atmosphere of national crafts such as pysanky, embroidery, and painting. She is a teacher at a high school in Lviv, Ukraine. Iryna is is very knowledgeable and skilled in the Ukrainian arts of embroidery, weaving, ceramics and gherdany.  She loves to teach children in traditional folk crafts, not only technique but to bolster in their souls a feeling for beauty. Iryna has a deep emotional connection with her art and tries to inspire her students to cherish and embrace Ukrainian folk art.

1999: Created all the pysanky for the Eileen Kulchetski exhibition at the E.K Memorial Art Museum in Lviv

1998 Displayed her pysanky at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Rome

2009 Feature on Lviv Television 

2011 Published Pysanky Albumn book
(I Will Paint  the Voice of a Song) 

Please enjoy Iryna's Pysanky

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